Elle Brooke defeats Faith Ordway, remains undefeated in boxing – “I’m here to stay!”

Elle Brooke, OnlyFans star-turned-boxer secured her second win in the ring – defeating the famous TikTok star Faith Ordway on Saturday.

Elle Brooke is one of several female boxers using the sports platform to promote their OnlyFans accounts.

After her victory, Brooke took on to Instagram to share,

“They will still hate, but the real ones now know I am here to stay,”

Brooke won her first fight back in July against AJ Bunker.

As per the reports, there are more fights being lined up for the former adult entertainer, and OnlyFans creator who has now turned to boxing. Some reports suggest that a fellow OnlyFans model Astrid Wett could be the next opponent of Elle Brooke.

Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway – Full match video

Elle Brooke is one of several female boxers, using the sport to promote their OnlyFans accounts.

Ebanie Bridges, the popular Onlyfans star, known by the nickname ‘Blonde Bomber’ in boxing, praised Brooke by saying,

“I call her the Baby Bomber, as she just reminds me so much of me and you saw it in there tonight,”

“She came out like the Blonde Bomber and she’s only going to get better. That was her second fight.” Bridges added

The OnlyFans star channeled her training partner, IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges, who is known for weighing in for her fights while wearing lingerie.

On the other hand, Faith Ordway made her boxing debut against Brooke.

Both women make their MF & DAZN: X Series debuts with this entertaining match last Saturday.

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